Berlin 18 -20 September


A multi-stakeholder platform for accelerating the European third way towards a human-centric data economy

Held during the German EU Presidency, the conference will explore the opportunities and challenges of the European digital third way in the light of the newly published European and German Data Strategies. MyData Europe 2020 will help unleash the enormous potential of the innovations based on data by highlighting the existing cases and providing the opportunities to build cross-sectoral international collaborations to boost the further developments.


MyData is a global community of people working towards human-centric data economy:

Covers all sectors; Business, Legal, Tech and Society,
Gathers activists of a human-centric data economy,
Brings together thought leaders of a human-centric data economy,
Provides platform for innovators in tech of a human-centric data economy.


The whole data economy ecosystem will be there!
MyData Europe 2020 will bring together some 800-1000 people from over 30 countries, from business, legal, tech and society perspectives to meet, learn, inspire, network and collaborate.

If you are a policy maker or a policy shaper, CDO, CIO, CTO, CPO, DPO, legal expert in ICT, digital transformation expert, business development professional, privacy and responsible data protection advocate, cloud architect, or/and data enthusiast – this is an event for you!

MyData Europe 2020 is a place to accelerate European Data Strategy, boost innovations in the area of human-centric data economy and bring the industry shakers and makers together. You have a chance to participate as a sponsor, participant and a contributor.

By joining MyData Europe 2020 you get the opportunity to:

Shape the trends in the area of a human-centric data economy,
Meet competitors in a friendly environment and exchange ideas on how to contribute to and benefit from European Data Strategy,
Identify and explore collaboration and partnership potentials,
Identify relevant innovations for your own markets and products,
Identify business opportunities,
Receive the latest updates on what is going on in MyData community and innovations,
Demonstrate and promote own social and ethical projects, ideas, contributions (CSR),
Meet peers and exchange the updates and inspirations.

10 - 12 June 2020
“Towards a sustainable governance of the Internet”
PIMCITY will present a paper at EURODIG "Innovation and economic issues" Track (WS8)

Update on EuroDIG2020

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

As Italy is taking measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the country, and traveling is advised to be avoided until further notice, we are preparing for the possibility of holding EuroDIG2020 as an online meeting. The Secretariat, together with the partners and the hosts have agreed not to postpone or cancel the event, as our aim is to facilitate important discussions on community-sourced topics in a timely manner.

The final decision if EuroDIG can be held as a face-to-face event or fully online will be taken in a few weeks. In the meantime, we are looking into the technical circumstances and online infrastructure, while preparing the Org Teams for the scenario of an online meeting. (Sign up to become part of an Org Team on the EuroDIGWiki).

This webinar is organised by the BDVA, the BDVe project and the EC as a first event in a of events and workshops related to the EU big data platform projects that are funded under the umbrella of the European Big Data Value PPP. The aim of this webinar is to start identifying synergies and to learn how different projects will address key data collection, sharing, integration, and exploitation challenges.

This webinar is dedicated to the cluster of data platform projects that address industrial data. The projects that will present their ambitions and first insights are DataPorts, I3-Market, OpertusMundi, and TheFSM.

The webinar is organized as an introductory sequence of presentations from projects (ca. 20 minutes each), followed by a moderated Q&A session involving the webinar participants.


- Yury Glikman, Head of Open Service Engineering Group, Fraunhofer FOKUS & Coordinator of DataVaults project
- Marco Mellia, Full Professor, Politecnico di Torino & Coordinator of PIMCITY project
- Juan Carlos Pérez, Research Analyst at Atos Research and Innovation & Project Director of KRAKEN project